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French & German Bisque
19th & 20th Centuries

Composition & Hard Plastic

Barbie, Himstedts, etc

Two Centuries of Wonder
seen through a child's eyes!

The Wonder of Childhood, children and toys Australia captured in over 1,000 dolls dating back to 1843 in an historic setting.

Collectors, children, and doll and toy enthusiasts will revel in the magnificent and extensive displays of dolls and toys of the 19th and 20 century.

Take a self guided tour & visit with owner and curator Carolyn Bakarich as you enjoy, remember, and take yourself back to those years when you saw life through the eyes of a child and happiness was a simple toy.

Don't leave dad at home!  
Wonderful items for guys!

     Rayberry Delphieus
     J.D. Kestners
     K Star Rs
     Heinrich Handwerks
     Simon Halbigs
     Bahr & Proschilds
     Armand Marseilles
     Shirley Temples
     R & Bs
     Madame Alexanders
     Ventriloquist Dolls
     Rotraut Schrotts
     Lee Middletons
     Martha Chases
     GI Joes 
     Toy Soldiers
     Electric Trains
     Metal Cars/Trucks
     Doll Carriages
     Rocking Horses
     Pedal Cars
     Steif Teddy Bears
     Doll Furniture
     Doll Tea Sets

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